Spa Services 

Prices listed below are for spa services for children ages 13 and under. 

Silk robes, face mask and slippers are for the spa experience only.

Price List

Mini Mani $10.00

Petite Pedi $15.00

DUO (Mani & Pedi) $20.00

Chocolate Facial $6.00

Make Up $5.00
Glitter Tattoo $2/$6
Bath Bombs $5/$7
Orbeez (2 lbs) $5
Paint &   Play $8

Birthday Special $55.00

Mani, Orbeez Pedi, Chocolate Facial, Glitter Tattoo, Make Up, Cupcake, sparkling juice. With a sash & tiara.

Mommy & Me Services 


I am so happy we found Sugar and Spice Kids Salon & Spa!!! My daughter came in stayed for 4 hours and didn't want to leave!!! The owner was so nice she allowed Sarah to stay in the back and play with arts and crafts until she agreed it was time to go home! 

We booked our next two appointments before we left! 


Lisa Briggs 


  • Mommy & Me Pedicure $35.00

  • Mommy & Me Manicure $25.00

  • Mommy & Me DUO $55.00



All Adult Solo Spa Services can be

booked directly with nail tech.

Please call 313-937-6564 for more information or to book